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Checklist - Before the Event

Who are you targeting?
Before you come to our business meetings for the first time, we will ring you to ask about your target market and who you can form a strategic partnership with. Try to spare us a few minutes for this conversation as it really does help us to sit you with right people.

Check Timings & Venues.
This sounds too easy to mention, but we have had members and guests turning up at the wrong venue and not always on the right day! We always send out reminders before each business meeting, so make sure you check the details of each event. Breakfasts start at 7.30am and lunch meetings at 12 noon.

Make sure you have the mobile number of the team member running the meeting. Again, this is handy should something untoward happen on your journey, if as above you go to the wrong venue at least you will be able to ring us so we can let you know where you should be.

Business cards.
Make sure you bring business cards and/ or leaflets with you; most business owners take these with them and add them to their database so they will always have your details to hand.

When you arrive.
From the information you supply us in our pre-event phone call we will organise seating plans and your name badge will denote the colour of the table you will sit on. The aim is to speak to people with different colour badges.  By all means ask if you want to be introduced to a specific person and don’t forget to ask them for their business cards.

What are you going to say?
You will present to your table for a few minutes.  Some businesses offer more than one product, but try not to mention everything at one visit.  Better to talk about one aspect of your business in slightly more depth. Think which topic you want to talk about and write bullet points on a card if it makes you feel more comfortable

Specific Connection
Each table has a table host who will make notes as everyone presents. You will be asked what specific connection you would like to get from the meeting and this will be read out by the host at the end of the meeting. Please be as specific as possible; rather than saying you can work with ‘anyone’, say you would like an introduction into ABC Company or Alan Blake or HR Managers etc. Don’t forget that you can also ask for help from the table/ room. We pride ourselves on being a support network to businesses….all you have to do is ask and someone will be able to help you.

Who can you work with?
When others are presenting you will be looking for opportunities to work together/ make connections. Be aware of who you can work with; look back through your client list or partner list to see which industry gives you the most business.

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