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Successful networking is much more than just selling, it is all about building relationships and that's where BizNet Wales events excel, but don't just take our word for it....see what our members have to say.

Here are some extracts from testimonials given by our members. Please feel free to contact any of these members direct if you would like clarification or authentication.

Brian Hedley Pratt 16/02/2017 11:31 am
I'm happy to say that my networking meeting in Tenby, West Wales was a great way of getting together with businesses in the area. I was greeted on arrival and given a run down of what to expect. It was encouraging for myself as I need to find ways of developing my client base and within a few hours felt like I had achieved just that with no fuss. I will defiantly recommend coming again and passing on information about the events held with BisNet wales.

Brian Hedley Pratt
Online Solutions / Training / Website Design / Branding / Marketing.
T:01437 766011
M: 0777 32 444 12
Claire Timbrell 10/04/2015 12:22 pm
I thought the breakfast was great. I really enjoyed the format and compared to other networking sessions I have attended I really felt I got value out of it as I was introduced to the whole room. I have come away with follow up actions and have been introduced to people that I know I will be staying in touch with, so I can’t really ask for any more than that!
Liz Tobin 23/09/2014 09:05 am
My decision to join BizNet was based on the flexibility to be able to attend meetings in 2 different places, the flexible payment plan and the atmosphere of the meetings
Christine Rimmer 23/09/2014 09:04 am
Why did I join BizNet?

1. Informal, friendly welcome at my trial meetings
2. Great price offer for business start-ups
3. Flexibility to attend as and when I am able
4. Morning meetings that don’t take up too much of the working day
5. Option to attend other groups as a speaker
Ali Morrell 23/09/2014 09:01 am
The reason why we wanted to join BizNet was the relationship I know Aliki already had with you and it was a great opportunity for us to tell people about the Castle and that we are now launching it into the corporate market. We don’t have a huge budget to be able spend on a big PR/marketing campaign and anyway you can’t beat building relationships with potential clients first hand.

I have already met some potential clients from your networking sessions and look forward to the time when I can shout out the success of having an event booked at the castle from someone that I have met whilst networking with Biz Net – and I know its only a matter of time.

We also massively appreciate your support with the showcase event we are organising!
Bryan Gunton 24/02/2014 02:41 pm
The story of connections:-
After receiving a 3 day booking from a Swiss Bank in regard to me working a trade show in Switzerland, the inevitable question came up where did you get my details from? As a surprise it was not from the usual Google or random internet search but a work colleague. The colleague had seen me performing at a charity event to which the bank was a main sponsor. The charity event I worked at was also work taken on by a referral from another colleague of the organiser who had in turn seen me at another event. This draws me to my final point the event which started the ball rolling. The first Event was a booking generated through building relationships within BizNet and just shows great networking can take you a long way.

Many Thanks
Bryan Gunton
Award Winning Professional Close Up Magician
Tel: +44 (0)1446 793946
Mob: +44 (0)7843 529502
Natalie Reynolds 24/02/2014 02:41 pm
Hi Lynne

I wanted to pop you a message about Linda…

Firstly, I’ve always thought BizNet was amazing and it has already helped me develop myself over the passed 18 months. However, I was over the moon with what Linda did for me prior to the Swansea event. Apparently what she did was standard stuff for all guests – and there was me thinking I was special!

She treated me like a proper client and made sure she understood what I was looking for in terms of referral partners and clients. From this she gave me contact details for a few of the attendees in advance so that I could do some prep work to introduce myself. Well, I did this and because of this I had people waiting to see me at the end of the event – I felt so popular! And as a result I’ve got meetings booked in to discuss my services and working with some of the members!

And to add to this, the changes that you’ve implemented over the past 6 months have also made a difference – as because of the table host announcements at the end, I had even more people wanting to come and see me! It was great to see so many people networking after the event had finished!

It really is great to see BizNet developing and it’s a pleasure being involved!
Thank you!

Natalie Reynolds, Social Media Coach
Mobile: 07811142617.
Jan 2011
Katrina Poole 24/02/2014 02:40 pm
Out of the business network I have gained 3 new clients for my services and I have engaged 3 fellow Business Network colleagues and I haven’t been a member for 6 months yet! In total between these clients over £3500 has been passed in business.

Katrina Poole MIRP
Tel: 02920 868422
Director Deliverance Recruitment & Consultancy Sept 2010
Rachael Henson 24/02/2014 02:39 pm
My first impressions of The BizNet events were very good. They are relatively informal and relaxed, interactive and a useful 3 hours out of my day. The venues they use are of an excellent standard and this really makes a difference to the way in which members interact and approach their business objectives. Of all the networking I have done throughout the UK – this was the best.

Rachael Henson
Tel: 01646 687311
Regional Manager for Wales M2 Training Sept 2010
Liz Gibbs-Murray 24/02/2014 02:39 pm
We have been members of The Business Network for over 9 years. We have found it to be of immense value to our business both in terms of attracting new clients and of purchasing through business network members. The calibre of members is extremely high with key position/decision makers attending lunches.
The lunches are always extremely well organised with good speakers at each event. Having looked at our marketing strategy in previous years and indeed again this year it was with no hesitation that we renewed our Round Robin Pass as we have no doubt that it will bring added benefit and business to our organisation.

Liz Gibbs-Murray
Hawthorn Accountancy Solutions Limited and Hawthorn Office Solutions
T | 01656 66791

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